Co-operation among Co-operatives

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Date: 5/22/2012 12:35 am
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2012 is International Year of Co-operatives (IYC);recognizing the important role that co-ops play in strengthening communities.

As the price of real estate and housing increases in the city of Vancouver, co-op housing offers a viable alternative for more reasonable cost of housing. Therefore, many members felt it was important to be more visible as a co-op in order to promote awareness of housing co-ops. It was suggested that we acquire a banner to celebrate co-operatives in order to identify our building as a housing co-op.

Serendipitously, at the time of our decision-making, our sister co-op, Quebec Manor [ ] , offered us a two-month loan of their IYC banner.This is the co-operative principle of “co-operation among co-operatives” in action!




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