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Co-operation among Co-operatives
2012 is International Year of Co-operatives (IYC); recognizing the important role that co-ops play in strengthening communities.

By jasonlescak - 5/22/2012

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Peter Royce Memorial Donations
Peter Royce was a much loved member of View Court Housing Co-op for more than 20 years. Along with being instrumental in the development of View Court and the co-operative housing movement in BC, Peter was actively involved in Co-op radio, Community Gardening, Cycling and Community, Cooperative Internet, Civic Community Building, Freedom of Speech, Volunteer Run Organizations, Environmental Issues, Recycling, and Alternative Governance. Peter was a humanitarian in the truest sense of the word, working tirelessly for the benefit of others.

By jasonlescak - 5/21/2012

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Five years later and nine sleepers ahead
In 2006, prior to the reconstruction of our roof, members voted on a decision to ensure our new roof included infrastructure that would support solar panels for solar domestic hot water at some point in the future. 

By Jamie - 2/12/2012

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30th Anniversary Party
View Court Housing Co-op celebrated its 30th anniversary on a sunny August afternoon. Here is the welcoming speech given by Amy Kiara Ruth to acknowledge this momentous occasion:

By Amy - 8/7/2011

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PETER JOHN ROYCE - April 5, 1953 to November 4, 2009
Beloved son of Pam and Tony Royce of West Mersea, England, brother to David (Jane), Ian and John (Karen), and caring uncle to his many nieces and nephews, and Tom and Clara. He will be greatly missed by many, including his partner Suzanne Vetterli, and his loving friends, Megan Ellis, Jane Williams and Lorraine Chisholm.

By Jamie - 12/17/2009

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From Free box to Beg Borrow and Steal
Some recycling history. Recycling has been a long time project here at View Court. Likely, it all started with our Free table area previously known as the Free box which demonstrated how we reuse household items and clothing. For years when members move within and outside our Co-op this table waxes and wanes with fascinating items that sometimes reappear several times. Every month or so, members collect clothes and deliver them to such places as the Eastside Women's shelters or Big Brothers and other household items to the VGH Thrift Store, Salvation Army or Goodwill.

By Jamie - 6/3/2008

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View Court Considers Solar Water Heating (Scoop)
"It'll pay for itself in 8 years." That's how solar water heating was introduced for discussion at View Court. We're a 32 unit co-op in a small 3-storey walk-up and 2-storey house built nearly a century ago. Our members have a stated interest in being green,

By peter - 9/4/2007

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2020 Under the Microscope
From CHF Canada "Newsbriefs" October 2006, by Fiona Jackson When Peter Royce, President of View Court Housing Co-op in Vancouver, saw that the co-op would be mortgage free by June this year, he knew they'd want to be ready.

By peter - 6/5/2007

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Community Building & Strengthening Co-ops Funds
Have you noticed that the co-op principles get more challenging the further you go down the list? "Co-operation among Co-ops" and "Concern for Community" are the last two of the seven co-op principles, and they are the ones that are often hardest to integrate into our co-op structures. Many of us may put them into practice as individuals, but how do we encourage them as co-ops?

By peter - 5/30/2007

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Amy's speech to members and guests
This letter was read by Amy Ruth to the general membership and guests at the post-mortgage festivities on 22nd July 2006. (Photo of Amy and Suzanne Zimmering of CHF BC) On June 1st View Court Housing Co-op made our last mortgage payment. We are in the first wave of housing co-ops in BC to become mortgage-free. As many of you know, we became a housing co-op in 1981 and were given a shorter mortgage because of the age and poor condition of our buildings (it was uncertain if the buildings would last that long).

By peter - 4/21/2007

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In celebration; home sweet home
Vancouver - June 1, 2006. In honour of our last mortgage payment and ending our twenty-five year relationship with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Amy Kiara Ruth (centre) read a statement from the Board of Directors reflecting the President's message on founding the co-op 25 years ago.

By peter - 6/28/2006

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Mortgage paid off with a little co-operation (from Courier)
Original article at

By Cheryl Rossi-Staff writer

Visit the corner of West 10th and Ontario, marked by both leafy bike routes and vivid pink rhododendrons, and you'll see a pleasant, century-old brick building, also known as View Court Housing Co-op.

By peter - 6/2/2006

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Renewed values unanimous!
View Court unanimously passed its new mission, vision and values by a special resolution of the General Membership on November 15. They are printed below but you can also view the attached pdf to get a more thorough overview of the process leading to this unanimous decision.

By peter - 11/25/2005

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Scoop (Oct. 05) - View Court: in the spotlight
Their mortgage is almost paid off, so this Vancouver co-op considers its options with pleasure! Starting in 1983 as a small rental conversation in a fairly modest neighbourhood off Main Street, View Court has kept its ambitions small and its budget tight.

By peter - 11/1/2005

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"A Wonderful Beginning!"
Well over half of the current View Court membership attended our first exercise to establish our community values. One long-term member said she sensed more community vitality at the co-op than she had in over 20 years and referred to the meeting as "a wonderful beginning."

By peter - 8/16/2005

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Replicating Our Successes: A Co-op Initiated New Housing Program
There have barely been any new BC housing co-ops developed in over a decade. In addition to our efforts to lobby government at all levels to create mixed income, affordable, self-managed housing, we could also enable new housing co-op development from within the current housing co-op sector.

By peter - 12/13/2004

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We are a 32 unit co-op in two buildings that are nearly a century old. We have been a housing co-op since 1981 and paid off our initial mortgage in June of 2006. We decided in 2005 to share our journey through our mortgage rollout with other co-ops and the public and even solicit some advice. A previous co-op website with photos exists at

Here, we want to expose some of the process we are using through rewriting our rules and policy, to grappling with renovations and even trying to put our values into practice in such areas as ecological sustainability. The website presents news for the general public that can be seen by all. Some areas and discussions however, can only be seen if you are a registered user, and others containing private information are only available to delegated members.

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