Co-op Housing Resources

Co-op Policies – CHF BC Members area policy manual – need to login (or register if first time)

Running your Housing Co-op – CHF Canada members section (need to register/login) background documents, briefs etc.

Canadian Co-operative Alliance – of all types of co-ops and credit unions in Canada

CHF BC Co-op Directory – check out other BC co-ops related to us

Vancouver Non-market Housing – what other social, native, co-op housing is located round here?

The Agency for Co-operative Housing – has taken over operating agreements from CMHC

Wikipedia – housing co-op sections on Canada, US, England etc. connects to other types of co-op

Housing Centre – City of Vancouver, Community Services page on social housing

Co-op Housing Federation Canada “2020 Vision” – for sustainable housing and environment

Heritage Clusters – The following information is a resource that can be used to reference specific companies and trades-people for projects that are taking place in the co-op.  The Vancouver Heritage Foundation will provide suggestions and refer companies that have a strong reputation for working specifically on Heritage buildings.

Invite to workshop template

Values Excercise


  1. 2001 securing our future and 2002 report on actions taken on the resolution
  2. 2003 non-profit principles and 2004 report on actions taken on the resolution
  3. 2004 end of operating agreement
  4. “Securing our Future” (2001) at the bottom of the 2001 resolution at
  5. Members Helping Members – How Internal Subsidy Works (April 2003) This was written mainly for S 95 co-ops but can also apply to after the operating agreement.