Invite to workshop

Dear Members,

Jamie Ritchie will facilitate an important View Court General Meeting on our Values, Vision, and Mission on Tuesday, November 15, 7pm.

As we approach the end of our mortgage and agreement with CMHC, we are faced with important decisions on our values. We have created a Transition Committee consisting of Board of Directors, Maintenance Co-ordinator, Finance Assistance and a Membership Representative to lead the way. Here’s some of the process so far towards the attached document:

* Board: discussions on values and vision (Oct. 04 – Mar. 05)
* Membership: values introduction meeting (March 31, 2005)
* Board: discussions with Jamie Ritchie (Summer)
* Membership: stating our values and choosing a balance (Sept. 20, 2005)
* Transition Committee: member perspectives to common values (26/9/2005)
* Transition Committee: draft Values, Vision, and Mission (10/24/2005)

It is only by building on a solid foundation of shared values that we will be able to guide the co-op through this transition. There are many important policy decisions to made and these will be based on our mission, vision, and values. The Transition Committee has developed the draft statements on Slides 18-20 of the attached presentation to be approved by the membership.

So, please consider joining us at this meeting. Feel free to ask Board members for clarification of any issues before the meeting. We will be circulating printed copies of this material before the meeting.

Look forward to seeing you there,

Peter Royce
for the Board