Mortgage Free Future

Draft Ideas & discussion starting points


Short concise vision statements link to details on how we hope to achieve them.

We will develop a capital plan and budget to ensure the long-term preservation and maintenance of the co-op’s physical assets.

Our goal here is to maintain both the value of our buildings and their livability through a number of actions:

  1. Assessing the risk of major remedial work that may be needed within the next ten years (ie. Roof, electrical wiring, plumbing replacement)
  2. Developing and implementing a plan for “preventative” replacement and upgrading where it is cost effective to do such work
  3. Maintaining a reserve sufficient to rectify any foreseeable catastrophic physical infrastructure failure
  4. Developing a ten-year budget for maintenance, repair and replacement of buildings, suites and appliances (ie painting, boilers, stoves and flooring)


View Court Housing Co-op is run effectively and enjoyably through the shared participation of all its members.

  1. regular participation on one the 4 committees (as outlined in the View Court Handbook)
  2. each member to submit a declaration of intent (?contract?) with their committee / the Board each year which outlines in which ways they expect they will participate
  3. each committee tracks participation in order to provide opportunities for members to participate outside of meetings
  4. mentorship for (new) members and educational opportunities so that members can develop the skills they need to more effectively participate


That View Court provide sustainable housing charge subsidy for our low income members up to a maximum of 25% of our revenue.

  1. lowering housing charges so that less subsidy is required
  2. maintaining current HC – the money spent paying off the mortgage would be earmarked for subsidy
  3. Dan’s “step-in” program for new members’ housing charges (a one-year step-in, a two-year step-in, a five-year step-in…)
  4. investments
  5. there needs to be something about balancing subsidy needs with building maintenance requirements – what takes priority?


We will support the development of new self-managed, secure, affordable co-op housing.

  1. Encourage CHF BC to develop a mortgage guarantee fund, through temporary use of co-op assets, for new co-op development
  2. Place $10,000 per year in this restricted fund for a ten year period over the span of ten years (
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of tying up co-op resources in this way
  4. Decide whether to reinvest as each investment matures


We will support View Court intervention in affordable housing policy dialogues.

  1. Develop an internal fund of $1000 that is available on application to the Board to to cover out of pocket expenses of member/s who wish to support co-op housing at a policy level (ie. conference, writing a paper/policy brief or lobbying etc.)
  2. The fund would not cover wages or time etc.
  3. Refill the depleted fund annually


We will support community building activities within a one block radius of View Court.

  1. Create a fund of $1000 to be refilled annually that is open to application to the Board from community members wishing to engage in local community building activities.
  2. Funds can only be used for out of pocket expenses, not wages or time.
  3. Activities could include: street parties and events, plantings, neighbourhood networking etc.
  4. Only applications from residents between Manitoba and Quebec on 10th and Broadway and 11th on Ontario for activities within that area would be eligible.


We will develop and maintain our garden and border plantings by harnessing the creativity and energy of members.

  1. Rather than pay for professional gardening services we encourage and support members to participate in helping create visually pleasing gardens
  2. We maintain an area of vegetable plots that are available to members on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  3. We are experimenting with a similar approach to dividing responsibility for flower gardens amongst many members


We will encourage younger members to live at View Court in order to balance the boomer bulge.

  1. Membership Committee strategy will aim for a sustainably diverse community including by age distribution
  2. Two suites (4,10) will be available to new members under 35 years of age at a 15% subsidized rate upon application
  3. Members will loose the subsidy as soon as they switch suites


We will develop an inviting common area to encourage community, shared recreation and mutual support.

Four areas for possible development are evident:

  1. The existing west basement (will be difficult to make inviting, noise issues…)
  2. Convert one suite into a common area
  3. Build a new structure on the West face of the house below window level
  4. Build a new structure on the roof..


We will provide secure, affordable, self-managed housing through an open membership process to those who share our values and re

  1. membership selection processes will value the strength and resilience of a mixed community and will avoid discrimination.
  2. all members will be encouraged to participate in decision making and each member will have one vote at general meetings.
  3. opportunities for learning will enable all members to contribute effectively in co-op development
  4. the autonomy and independence of the co-op, and the democratic rights of members are not negotiable in agreements entered into by the co-op.