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"A Wonderful Beginning!"

User: peter
Date: 8/16/2005 7:24 pm
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Well over half of the current View Court membership attended our first exercise to establish our community values. One long-term member said she sensed more community vitality at the co-op than she had in over 20 years and referred to the meeting as "a wonderful beginning."

The meeting was held on the evening of March 31st, 2005 in our basement area around the long wooden meeting table. Despite the surroundings, Jamie Ritchie heard largely optimistic views for the future of the co-op.

Nine members expressed their general or guarded optimism for the future of the co-op. Members talked about building a real co-operative community, setting an example and focusing more on concern for community. Another stream of comments expressed concern about the co-op's physical plant and keeping it well maintained.

Our next step is to take these general comments and concerns about our community's view about the future and turn them into value choices in the major areas of concern so that we can focus in more closely on the real values of the community. If you want to review the entire document produced from this meeting, you will need to register and view internal documents.

While other planning processes have either happened or still are in process at View Court towards our mortgage rollout. We decided it was important to use the services of an external consultant to provide some distance for workshop facilitation. We are working closely with CHF BC towards this important co-op transition and in particular with Jamie Ritchie who is retained by them.